Kyiv goes Leipzig

Meet, connect and overcome borders!

We are a group of German and  Ukrainian students who met in Kyiv in March 2016. Now we had a re-exchange at the end of August 2016 in Leipzig and Berlin.

Since the protests on Maidan (independent-square in Kyiv) and the following political change the political and social situation of Ukraine have been moved to the focus of interest in the European society.
With the flow of time the demand for a democratic, free and European future became a conflict that divided the country and which needs to be solved together. But how to find such a solution for a country whose today's territory has always been a border area?

A border between East and West also runs through the European, especially through the German history and exists in the minds of many people until today.

Our German-Ukrainian-Students-Meeting will talk about these topics and will try to bring people together, to create a better understanding between them and to overcome borders.