About Us

With our German-Ukrainian-Students-Meeting we want to bring people together, create a better understanding between them and overcome borders. We want to talk about politics, German history and our vision of the European society.
The protestant students parish Leipzig (ESG) has been interested in the region of Eastern Europe for a long time already. Specially the situation in Ukraine has been one of our topics. 

The idea of an educational excursion to Leipzig's twin town Kyiv was developed thanks to personal contacts. The trip took place in March 2016.
Due to the very positive feedback and the wish to reinforce and discuss the topics we decided to organize a meeting for students in Leipzig, together with our partner organisation "Youth NGO Iskra". In summer 2016 a group consisting of 15 Ukrainian and 15 German students met in Leipzig and also went to Berlin together. The Ukrainian students were hosted at the houses of German students (or in Berlin in a hostel).
All participants are students of different courses between 18 and 29 years, who study in Leipzig or Kyiv and come from different cities, including Eastern Ukraine.