In the end of our exchange we asked the participants for a feedback. Here are some anonymous excerpts.

"It was for me a very interesting experience to be a part of my national group. I understood that we should work together to reach best results. (...)
To be a part of the international group was very useful and responsible for me. I figured out that I am a "face" of my country and should represent Ukraine in best way. (...)

My knowledge of European structures increased. Especially during visiting Rathaus (city-hall), Bundestag (parliament) and speaking with represents of German political institutions. It was also interesting to know more about European youth life because it is little bit different, than our."

"During the discussions, I had come up with the ideas of how to find out the solutions for some questions. The positive feature was that these solutions may be implemented in the spheres of our further activities. Almost all parts of the projects were the platforms to express our creativity and innovation."

"I have experienced new cultural expressions during this project because the program was oriented to discover the new lifestyles and to visit the places, meet the people from the other cultures and with the different views. It had a strong impact on me because I started to understand my cultural identity more. In addition to this, I have ruined some of the stereotypes I had experienced before the program. (...) Members of the German group helped me to understand that all people can create a piece of art or to be useful in its creation. (...) The positive feature of the exchange was that we are all from the different communities, but was talking on the same level and made the consensus that the multicultural society should be developed more."

"It was a big pleasure for me to analyze the situation at the Eastern part of Germany and in Ukraine as an Eastern European examples, to come up with solutions about the future development of Ukraine, to discuss about the social projects created for the country's leveling up and the possibilities of Ukraine after entering/non-entering to the European Union. During these discussions, it was possible to create the unique schemes and models of possible solutions for the problems of our country and by sharing the experience to offer solutions for the problems in Germany."

"It was very interesting for me to learn how Yiddish language is connected to German. During the meeting, I discovered for myself how art helps to work with well-known material and to learn better and easier a new one. The brilliant example for me was the Jewish Museum in Berlin. I would like to improve my working skills with cultural objects. Also the program showed me how many common points are in cultural aspects of different nations and religions and our multinational and multicultural group helped to achieve this concept. It is very interesting and inspiring to be a part of such diverse group. "

"I have learned a considerable number of the new phrases in German that will be useful for me in the future if I will visit the country again. (...) I was always in touch with the participants of the meeting via e-mail, Facebook or the phone calls. It was interesting to view the profiles of the new friends and to share with them my thoughts and ideas. (...) We have discussed a lot of problems of a national and cultural identity. I feel now more confident when I want to defend my point of view or to protect someone's interests. (...)"